8 comments on Infinite Post-Rock for Desk and Pillow

OMG apparently 8jax is famous


@Keith_darling Metafiction-anal?? :) Awesome playlist though


@jason.crewebrown: nope. the track titles appear only after the track starts to play. Smart users list the first 5-10 artists in their station description and or give you the major bands/influencers for the station...

Good listen for DESK: helped me write a paper on metafictionanal elements of "The History of Love"


Thanks but this I knew. I meant a more precise track list so I could get hold of it all for offline use, like when I'm holed away in the library. I'll just have to work through it


I thought I'd send it to you, but it's not on the hard drive anymore...


I'm sorry I'm pretty new to 8tracks but is it alright to ask, is there a track list available at all?


I fucking love this playlist. It always plays after one of my similar mixes, and it fits perfectly with it. Thank you.

jon steele

well worth listening to...

jon steele

well worth listening ...