it swirls around the bottom of the glass,
giving off that distinct amber glow as you hold it up to the dim light of that solitary lamp in the corner.
contemplating taking a sip, washing down the day;
you can smell it, evoking nights long since gone.
as you put it to your lips a sense of relief fills you; the sharp taste hits your tongue, bringing warmth deep in your bones, comfort in your soul.
and so begins your night

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3 comments on a scotch in hand

Great mix!


I'm two songs in and saying I love this mix doesn't quite encompass it :)


I love that this mix is about scotch but there's a bottle of Middleton in the picture. hahahaha ;) nice mix though!


I know but it was the best picture I could find. I had to settle for less than what I wanted.


I would happily "settle" for a Middleton any day. Nice mix!