The worst nights are the ones where you lay in bed tossing and turning. But if you listen to this your eyes will be closing before you know it. You'll probably even look like this guy after a few songs... tongue out and all.

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12,919    2hr 58min (46 tracks)
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Can I say that I still listen to this on a regular basis even though I found it 2 years ago as a high school sophomore? seriously. I love this so much


Such a gorgeous mix! Thank you so much for sharing!


this is the best thing that has ever happened ever ever. turns out the license allows a certain number of plays a day, i cant get enough!!


im in love


My one complaint is that in 10 listens, I've never heard the whole playlist, because I always pass the fuck out five songs in ;) you work better than sleep pills! my new nightly ritual :)


hahha this just made my day


I literally listen to this mix every single night. I'm so in love with it! Can you post the list of tracks so I can get this same playlist on my ipod for when I travel? lol. THANK YOUUUUU! :D


Me too!!!!! I want a copy of the song list!!!! :)


This mix is great.
Thank you!