Ten monologues exploring routes of commuters traveling around their cities: London, Berlin, Tokyo(?) and Athens. An experimental narrative documenting sonic portraits from our everyday life; merging minimal lo-fi landscapes, experimental electronic compositions and field recordings.

© Photo: The Lavender Hill Mob. People of the day No2, October 3, 2011, London U.K.

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4 comments on city diaries

This is awesome, I love the concept.

acoustic ecology

Glad you like it...


really really good stuff, i'm amazed, i hardly know anything of it. if all 30 of your mixes are like this i'm not leaving the house for a long time


i love the field recordings.

acoustic ecology

Thanks for listening! :)


I love the concept and the content is beautiful. Made my Sunday night :)

acoustic ecology

Thanks a lot for listening! You may find also interesting this narrative: tinyurl.com/c4cuj9w Hope that you will also enjoy it :)