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Brilliant mix and great Depeche instrumental!

acoustic ecology

Monolake remixing "The Darkest Star"?
Just perfect.
Thanks for listening!


The papers were always talking about the debt owed to society. According to them, it had to be paid. But that doesn't speak to the imagination. What really counted was the possibility of escape, a leap to freedom, out of the implacable ritual, a wild run for it that would give whatever chance for hope there was. Of course, hope meant being cut down on some street corner, as you ran like mad, by a random bullet. But when I really thought it through, nothing was going to allow me such a luxury. Everything was against it; I would just be caught up in the machinery again. (Albert Camus 1942)

acoustic ecology

ahhh you crazy philosopher....


I will come back here! Several times! :)

acoustic ecology

Thanks a lot! This mix reminds me blissful moments from the past :)


Nick Cave & Tom Waits, always a great combination

acoustic ecology

definitely! your favorite ones also ;)