One hour of nostalgic moments, back from the years of innocence. Blending minimalist compositions with field recordings and ambient electronica, this mix creates a sonic space ideally for relaxation or sleep. Showcasing Japanese artists such as Takagi Masakatsu, Akira Kosemura + Haruka Nakamura and Yoshinori Sunahara among others.

© Photo: Johan Røed, Little Kids, Kamakura, Japan.

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3,453    48min (12 tracks)
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Share beautiful things and things become beautiful .
That's the lesson of this playlist for me.

acoustic ecology

Very glad that you liked the mix!
Thank you :)


@julianar Nice thought!


I can't get over how beautiful this is


I love this mix soooooo much!!! Thank you for making it!!!

acoustic ecology

thanks for listening

Pouët Pouët

This is a peaceful mix, thank you :)

acoustic ecology

thanks for listening :)


This mix is sooo good. i will listen to it everytime i just want to relax! I found myself favoriteing almost all of the songs... ^ ^

acoustic ecology

glad you like it :)


wowww, nostalgic..... agn a grt mixtape :)

acoustic ecology

thanks for your feedback :)


I remember Japan when I listen to this. thank you so much. :)

acoustic ecology

happy hearing this!
thanks for listening dear friend :)


What is it that is so timeless about tapping sticks to water to create a rippling effect? It is simply tranquil purity. With the ripples in the music, and it's a beautiful harmony!