So, I'm slightly embarrassed by this, but I've been playing Skyrim a LOT recently and, uh, this is a mix inspired by Skyrim. Some repeated songs but whatever.

Is this mix safe for work?
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I'll be honest - haven't touched Skyrim in weeks but just hearing the main theme is making me want to play that game! Thanks for putting this together

It's just that the characters look so real its unsettling that the voices and the moments don't flow as well as they could. The voicing was awesome when it started but shortly after i wasn't buying it because it sounded like the people they paid for the voicing weren't into it. Shit I was looking forward to be told of dragons in the most epic was possible, like some bewolf type shit, but all i got was alot of talking that sounded like it was coming from men with low t counts. The character movements didnt go together with alot of what they were saying, how many times did i hear some grand story from a character that almost looked real but was sitting in a chair not moving. I heard from someone that the closer we get to things looking real in virtual reality the more careful we have to be else shits gunna look creepy. Other than that awesome game other than for all of the damn mountains

Eh, that hasn't bothered me so much. I think what you're referring to is "uncanny valley," but the animation didn't look TOO realistic to me... I guess. Anyway, at least the mountains looked nice, if they are a bitch to try and climb.