Fifteen Filthy Tracks that will make you expierence Dubsex. Artist include Borgore, Cookie Monsta, Zombefi, Excision and more.

Dubsex: Sexual intercourse or sexual actions performed while listening to any form of dubstep music. Makes everything sexier and dirtier by most people's opinions.

Is this mix safe for work?
5,844    38min (10 tracks)
8 comments on Filthier then your sister in bed last night.

it was a good mix, i just dont think HS should've been in there. check out mine if you get a minute. "crazy dubstep drops"

add some more tracks please, the new 'limited number of plays in 8hours' thing is ticking me off, i can only listen to this like three times before it blocks me :'( , so a few more tracks to add length to it would be appreciated :D