Filthier then your sister in bed last night.


Fifteen Filthy Tracks that will make you expierence Dubsex. Artist include Borgore, Cookie Monsta, Zombefi, Excision and more.

Dubsex: Sexual intercourse or sexual actions performed while listening to any form of dubstep music. Makes everything sexier and dirtier by most people's opinions.

  • Party Alarm by Downlink
  • Mini Mix by Judgement Day
  • The Terror by Helicopter Showdown
  • Harlem Shake by The Midnight Beast
  • iTunes is the devil by Mix
  • Boom (Triage remix) by Excision & Datsik
  • Get Tuff by Helicopter Showdown
4 tracks
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add some more tracks please, the new 'limited number of plays in 8hours' thing is ticking me off, i can only listen to this like three times before it blocks me :'( , so a few more tracks to add length to it would be appreciated :D