Diva's Exile


Walk through the gates and into Diva's Exile. Stunning vocals and instrumentals featuring one of my favored operatic singers, she is the voice for Diva from Blood+ if you dont know what that is shame on you. Currently 27 tracks

  • Diva Awakens by axelgarcia0xc2tb1
  • Gigue by Bach, Suite no. 5
  • Diva And Saya Blood+ Hidden Duet by itsbentheboy
  • Howls Moving Castle ~music box~ by gonmat91
  • "Allemande" Bach Cello Suite No. 5 by cvcello
  • Duty by BLooD C Original Soundtrack Vol. 1
  • Raven's Jig by Mon Frere
  • Prelude from Cello Suite No. 5 in C minor by nolanlind
  • 01 os by appledog
  • 10 Diva by Rakkyo3141
  • 調和 oto~with reflection~ by KOKIA
  • Nomad of the Strings by Prof_Mordarm
  • Wishing you were somehow here again by Jennifer_Giles
  • Inuyasha ~Soutanshi~ by Wada Kaoru
  • Opus 43 (April 2010) by Dustin O'Halloran
  • Prelude fantasy No 3 played by me
  • Secunda (Skyrim) by Mimi Page
  • A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal (Noble Maiden Fair) by kaslinn
  • Lilium by shangxinzhisi
  • Arrietty's Song (Instrumental) by selinazhu
3 tracks
3 comments on Diva's Exile

It's past 4am and I can't sleep, so I was looking for relaxing music to listen to. This is the most perfect playlist ever! So many good choices. The Inu Yasha instrumental track got me all nostalgic and sentimental :')

I am in love with this collection. Thank you for sharing and please continue to add. I suggest Dustin O'Hollaran and thé "perfection" track from the film "Black Swan"