4 comments on children of the revolution

omfg i beg a fanmade music video to the first song! heartbreaking and heartmending at the same time: the innocence is palpable in these kids. beautifully made!


If I had to choose a word to describe my feelings about this mix, I would be torn between "wow" and "ow". Beautifully heartbreaking. I'm going back in time to hug the crap out of those kids, who's with me?


I don't really listen to old school music... but I've really come to like it because of this album. Love Supernatural too !


awwww this makes me so happy you don't even know! i'm so glad you like this mix - now go listen to more oldschool music, it's pretty much all amazing, i promise!


Goodness, I nearly cried from the picture only. Amazing mix!! <3


thank you so much! yeah i may or may not have cried while making it but shhh