5 comments on oldies I love thanks to my mom

THANK YOU SO MUCH my parents practically raised me on songs like these and i couldn't find a mix that had enough of those until this one:)

Andrea de Alba

Yes that's my mom (: hahah I'm glad you liked them and I did miss some more songs but those were just the ones that remind me the most of her


Is that your mom in the picture? You look soo much like her - I'm the same with my mom, we look very much alike. Also, every single song on here is a song me and my mom both love together... so honestly, i find all this kinda weird. haha, but this play list is probably the best one ever - and I think I want these songs played at my funeral!

Andrea de Alba

Hahahahah neh, its just that I first heard them because of her


The fact that you included creep and teen spirit makes me feel old :/
Great mix otherwise