I don't even know if I can ever top this mix! The ultimate songs for boating, tanning, BBQing, longboarding, road trippin', having bonfires, hiking, bicycling, cleaning, waking up, you name it!

I made this to celebrate reaching 300 followers, so thanks for all the support everybody! Don't forget to click "like", and "follow" me for new playlists all the time. You won't regret it ;)

Featuring B.o.B., Radical Something, Sammy Adams and so many other amazing artists :D

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This mix is the epitome of excellence, refined swag, and dignified hip hop with some bass runs needed to keep up the funk. Everything a summertime mix should be. Even the rap over Hanson was good, then again, I think that is about all you can do to make a Hanson song good. But opinions are like, well you know...
Great Mix!!!


omg great mix!! :)


love the playlist and the photoooooo...so fresh !!!


Thank you so much!! All the photos are taken by me, so this one is actually from my car :P
I'm glad you like it! Be sure to check out my other amazing mixes too


I just love this mix!!! Its amazing.... ve ever hezr


I have a ridiculously long drive to Phoenix, AZ from VA. I'd love this on my playlist. If you could email it to pwncore@yahoo.com - You'd save my sanity!<3


are these all downloadable somewhere? separately obviously i would assume


I don't have a link or any zip files, but I just use Vid2MP3... you just find the video on youtube, then copy and paste the URL address into this website:
Sorry, I don't know of any other easier ways :(


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hey man this is an awesome 8tracks downloader i found. im goin from san francisco to san deigo in a little bit and this is what im using! http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/125828


love love love


Loving the mix, can you email it? Thanks so much. jbuderwitz@gmail.com


Here you go, I can't do e-mail because I only have a work e-mail. But here's the playlist:

Coastin' - Zion I
Hip Hop My Friend - Pep Love
Class Clown - E-Dubble
So Good - B.o.B.
Summertime - Sammy Adams
Be Easy - Radical Something Feat. Kinetics
Sun Setter - Loggy
Wonderin' Why - Aer
Pumped Up Kicks - Yonas
Escape - Radical Something
Summertime Music - Shwayze & Cisco
Story to Tell - Aer
Sun Storm - Mac Lethal
Sunny Day - Big Tymers feat. TQ, Gotti, & Mikkey
Eye Know - De La Soul
Cruise Control - Sol


check out the band "Wilderness Crew", best west coast summer music


I did, and so far I'm diggin' it! Thanks for the suggestion :D


Check out Cardinal Chase, you might like them :)