1 comment on The Devil. (XV.)

I have mixed feelings about this playlist. This one was a bit short for my tastes. I would think that there would be more songs out there with these themes since a lot of music is about drugs, sex and rock and roll. I also think Deluxed by Delerium is a great song but the instrumentals just didn't make the card spring to life in my mind. However, I really enjoyed the Bright Eyes song, which is one of my absolute favorite songs of all time, because it was so on point with The Devil. I think it may be the absolute BEST song to act as a theme for this card. I also really enjoyed the Zombies song because it brought the idea of The Devil to a broader sense. No longer was it just about depravity, bondage and being tied to the material-- it was about what happens when you're tied to feelings in a war, like what the greater ramifications are when it's not just about going clubbing or whatever, but when it's about people dying for something that they're a 'zombie' to. I enjoyed Brittany Spears on here as well because her stage presence really hints at the card themes. On my own mix, I have her song I'm A Slave To You to represent this card, so our brains were on the same wavelength for that.