Jazz musicians who are/were April Aries, and who show it, and an honorable notable with an April bday but not Aries. Enjoy!

Freddie - April 7, 1938
Charles - April 22, 1922
Herbie - April 12, 1940
Gerry - April 6, 1927
Stan - April 5, 1925
Paul - April 5, 1950
Stanley - April 5, 1934
Duke - April 29, 1899

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3 comments on Fire and Soul (jazz)13

fantastic collection.


thanks man! :) thx for takin a listen!


another amazing jazz mix!


thanks dude!! :) i was hoping you'd catch this one


ah, i might have known <3

another late-March Aries here.....look at me! no, really, a fine mix played by my ram brotherhood. great job of compiling, auntie. (only an Aries would make a mix of Aries right?)


i think that's a logical assessment, and true in this instance! :) i am an april aries... and not sure if you noticed also that i'm partial to april 5th (see above). i swear, i'm not normally this narcissistic! :P i just thought it'd be fun to make a mix by artists i could kinda relate to, i dunno. trying to see the common thread i guess. and lookie here... attracted other like-minded aries!


thank you so much for the listen btw! :)