3 comments on I'm Not Frightened of This World, Believe Me (rock)13

hm, i think the middle part of your comment got erased unless my computer's messing up, i can't tell anymore on here. anyway, i reckon it's def time to get another collab going with the ladies. let's do it!!! let's get cat and wax and see what they're up to...

helen baby!!! pretty commercial track, i know, but i love rancid. and i love that song!! gets me going! and i love what it's about. it's like this kid trying to be all tough on the streets, but it seems like he's still just a kid inside. really deep in my opinion, i dunno... anyway, thanks for the heart and listen, darling!

i think i might just share that opinion with you... stole my last.fm screen name from that song, and was so damn obsessed with it when i was a moody teen, and would probably still skank like a mofo is i heard it out. :)

wow, same here. and omg i just realized, yes, YOU'RE the time bomb!!! jeez, hello,... i'm out of it. i knew it rang a bell for some reason. cool!! to us former punky, angry-ass teenagers!! :)