5 comments on Jazz for a Scattered Afternoon

Great easy listening. Thanks for the music.


this is beautiful (btw trilok gurtu is one of my favorite artists!) - just what i needed for the moment


Hello, I had a beautiful evening with your jazz.
The Herbie'flute was classe as always.
Loved very much the TG percussions and the background around as guitar then sax.
Surnam'sax is very sensitive and fine.
Special mention to the Portrait Vivian from RW, so creative and different.
I digged your wonderful version from Zimbabwe'Miles by Ibrahim.
Carla is my woman ;o)
Merci pour ce bon moment musical.


Thank you so much, cavilin :-)) ... I'm just now getting back to 8tracks, after a long hiatus, and finding all your wonderful notes. Time to go check out your mixes now!


fantastic you have done it AGAIN