not love every single song on this mix. At least for me it is.

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I liked this mix on my first account last summer, and it took me a while to forward this to my newest account to access. Seriously, I can't find it under your username! Anyways , LOVE this mix, never thought I'd find a truly solid mix but this is completely enmeshed in utter goodness. I'm only really on 8tracks for your mixes. :) Ty!!!

I changed the picture not too long ago, so that's probably why you had a hard time finding it. Sorry :D I'm happy you like the mixes I make. Hope you enjoy my future mixes. :D

I simply can't stop listening to this mix - since June I tune this in at least once a week... besides the music, I am amazed to see someone having exactly the same taste as I do. The best thing is - there are a few I did not know before and still loved from the beginning.
Simple said: Thank you.

I'm happy you enjoyed it! After you left this comment I had to re-listen to it to see what was on this mix.
I hope it stays fresh and doesn't get old on you :D

because you changed the pictures, it is taking me ages of despair and loneliness to relocate my favorite mixes :((( i really liked them. they were distinguishing and remarkable.

I am so sorry :( That was the only thing I was afraid of. I'm very fortunate to have someone like you, who likes my mixes as much as I do. Thanks