6 comments on After A Meal@Steve's Hot Trux. Our Heroes Find Themselves@Arkham. Upon Opening The Doors They See A Sign Reading“ Pussies Turn Back!! “ Our Heroes Go Ahead Finding Themselves Fux’d by 42 Inmates Of Arkham. The Question Is Who Is Insane? You Tell Us?

love your mix!


I made it where is everyone? Fuck what a labyrinth I am more hungry than ever. You guys OK? Kixin' frxz asses is fun but makes me really hungry for Burritos. Hey Steve what you got for me?


ok, i am delving into this bad boy. how long is 42 tracks? like 5 hours?


love this mix. great way to bring in the bad guys!


"you think i've gone insane, but I promise I will kill again! you puny do goodies don't stand a chance against my army of evil minions. bwahahahaha"