13 Songs for this fantastic Friday the 13th. A mix of some of the most popular indie rock songs and then some lesser known ones that should be more well known. Feel good music for a beautiful summer day.

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Oh goodness this is lovely!!!


When I tell friend about 8tracks, I always mention your name. You always make the BEST mixes. Please keep it up, for posterity's sake.


Thank you so much :) I really appreciate that! I do try!! I will try my best to keep it up!


Most perfect mix, and of course, my favourite number. You've done it again, Betsyrae


So good, you have the best taste in music!


This playlist is amazing! You do a great job on all of your playlists! It's like you know me better than I do O.o Keep on keepin' on and I'll keep on keepin' up ^_^


P.S. Do you have any playlists with a lot of Game of Thrones music? :D


This is the only playlist I have with game of thrones music... If you like movie soundtrack stuff you should enjoy it! http://8tracks.com/betsyrae/gorgeous-movie-soundtracks-take-9


8/31 and Friday. Almoost. Great mix!!


Love this mix! It is one of my favorite of yours and I totally dig your mixes. One minor criticism, The Beatles are in no way indie rock and never were (the term arose in the 80s). It still totally fits on this mix though and I love it!


I never ever meant to call the Beatles indie rock, I randomly throw a Beatles song in on pretty much any playlist, I would assume people just know I don't mean they are whatever genre is tagged. They are a genre of their own, in my opinion.


without a doubt, you have the best mixes on 8tracks! I love every one of them.


Thank you so much :) That is a wonderful compliment.