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I just have to comment on this. Most popular/controversial/talked about artist..? Sorry, I'd give him props for being a 'good' rapper but I think your description makes him some type of hip-hop, rap god which he wasn't. There's tons of other rappers who've spitted better rhyme and flow than this dude. Heck, this guy doesn't even write his own rhymes. Sigh, I'm ashamed to be a rap fan these days.

I have to agree with you. Lil wayne wouldnt even be in my top 20 rappers to be completely honest. For someone to argue the fact that he is not popular, controversial, or talked about would be absurd though. He is mainstream and more of a pop artist. At the same time I still respect Lil Wayne as an artist. Just because you are a 'rap fan' it shouldnt make you dissapointed. Listen to the music you enjoy and who cares what everyone else thinks.

I'm not saying he's not popular because I know he is. I'm just saying he's not as good as most of the people think he is

I understand. Most people have different interpretations of what good hip hop is though. But I understand exactly what you're saying.

I was really hesitant on clicking on a Lil' Wayne playlist, but opening with "Fly In" had me sold. Only 4 songs in and it's already taking me years back. Great work.

If you listen to all Weezys songs, he uses the same lines in a ton of songs... He isnt as awesome as everyone thinks. Ill give him one thing, he has a ton of unreal beats.

Great mix, added it to IMBC Music: wayne-mix" rel="external">http://www.itmustbecollege.com/music/chill/464/the-essential-lil-wa...