The whole northern world believes the greatest musical legacy of the Americas is Reggaeton! (Judging by the first track and) In terms of influence this might be actually right, but I want to show you the quality and coolness of this region on another level.. From happy to heavy over to hurt.

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I{m from Mexico and I hate that we have this stereotype of people thinking we only do reggeaton or bachata when we have actually some pretty damn good rock bands like cafe tacvba or zoé and so many different styles of music that it is still mexican

FAIL reading.
As you can see in the description I am perfectly aware of the fact that Calle 13 s roots and origin is reggaeton, but I doubt, that you could still determine their genre as Reggaeton, since they have diversified their mixture a lot. Apart from that, it's pretty narrow-mind to judge a whole playlist on the basis of its first song. Good job! O.o