Mad, it's all mad, crazy and wonderful. Crazy. Horrible. Deadly. We, we just err.
''Being human'', the best excuse for anything and everything. Let us pretend, just for a moment, that we weren't. What would you be?
Music touches the soul, that is, if we have one. It changes you, does something to you, deep down, where it hurts. Music helps sooth and cope with the pain, it can also be very painful.
It inspires.

J'suis une de celles qui aiment encore. Qui aime tous court. J'aime avec une passion dévorante, dévastatrice. J'aime tellement..

I'm French. I'm nice.
I won't be getting to making my own mixes, there's already so many on here, I can't get to listening to them all. When I find a piece of empty time to fill up, I always paint, or write, or bike. I'll leave the mixe-making to the pros and I'll keep being inspired. Thanks to all. <3

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