Here we go again with finals... camping out in the library, living off of redbulls, no sleep and dreaming of the good ol days when we were free to go outside as we pleased haha.
I wish everyone all the best, and hope this mix helps you get into your "study zone".

2.5hrs of music with minimal vocals, including artists like Boards of Canada, M83, and Radiohead.

If you want more "study tunes" check out my first study mix: ...hope it helps :)

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Out of the hundreds of study mixes on this site yours make me the most willing to work, so I thank you for your procrastination in creating them!


You're very welcome :p
Goodluck with whatever it is you need to focus for!


Thanks everyone, glad it's able to help :) And yes almsthere05 Goyte's album is pretty amazing!