289 comments on background sounds by calmcity

I think I've found all my new favourite songs as well as ones I've already loved <3 thanks for this. Helped me unwind and study after a stressful day.

This is the greatest mix to hack away, thank you!! O'Halloran, Explosions, then Sia and Iron &amp; Wine instrumentals all in the first nine tracks!! Brilliant!

this is the only mix I can study to. mellow. beautiful. peaceful. it's like the music is whispering "it's ok, you'll get through it, i promise you it's not that bad"

There are so many playlists out there that attempt to help people with concentration whilst doing mental task...there's even a dedicated, paying website to listen to music aimed to improve at cognitive function (yes, I've spent a fair few hours searching for anything to improve my concentration). I can honestly say this is the only playlist (inclusive of my own) that works for me. Brilliant & thank you.