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amazing mix, i'm in love <3 so perfectly tony, great job! (urgh, and i love basically every single artist, how do you even)

Did you know this is on buzzfeed with raise hell as 31 Flawless fan mixes? Cuz I rarely listen to music, (I know how it sounds) I found these and not only have I been playing them on repeat for the past few days, I can't even listen to other fan mixes because they are not as good as yours...

I did knew that and let me tell ya, it was a really happy day for me. I also want to say I am really flattered by the fact that you took the time to listen and comment on this fanmix, especially when you are not a big fan of them. Thank you so much, you totally made my day!

Your totally welcome! The thing is, I kinda gave up on searching for good music after listen to one too many top 100 hits and now I'm attempting to find more great music starting with some of the less own artists in these playlists, so really I should be thanking you!