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Thank you for being the perfect inverse of boring. You have performed a great Public Service here.


Happy to have pleased the Lord Death Man. Thanks for hovering over to listen and leaving this mix two shades darker... just the way I like it.


that's really a surprising one...
a mood-putter indeed
like, quite a lot


Fantastique to read Philip K. Dick to! Delia Derbyshire Forevez and Long Live von Felix Kubin!


Hey, remember what we talked about? No apologizing. We're all music "leeches" here. Although, I wouldn't use that term :] It's all about sharing and passing good tunes along. If I think about it, probably half of the music I listen to and love were introduced to me by other people.


i had to thank you for introducing me to White Noise... i got the Electric Storm album thanks to you! i used Love Without Sounds for one of my mixes :) i promise, i do have my own music too. i'm just a music leech, sorry


Stop being awesome. <3 this one too.


ah, well, then thank you! that's very kind of you to say.


yeah but i think where your talent lies is in putting these together and making them flow nicely, as you do. looking forward to hearing more of your compilations