The lone Android Broncobuster rides into the city, defeats the spawn of the giant man-eating ostriches disguised as Italian mobsters (so he thought, the delusional bastard), quickly makes his getaway in a stolen car, and celebrates into the night consuming unidentified substances. alone. delirious. and howling at the moon. Batmole, PlasticMan & Captain Flaccid watch him speed off into the distance, with one thought running through their minds -- "Who the fuck was that?"

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96    25min (8 tracks)
32 comments on Android Broncobuster, an anti-hero not affiliated with BatMole, Plastic Man, or Captain Flaccid, unleashes his fury on whoever crosses his path! (View all)

Speeding by The Creatures - how have i missed this track?! completely amazing!


this is genius! so much fun!! thank you x lots :)