80+ amazing tracks to bring you back to that EDC epiphany :) Turn those lights off, volume up, and start counting down until the next time you get to experience the pure bliss dancing to your favorite beats 20 feet from the stage

Newest mix baby: http://8tracks.com/catycat23/nocturnal-by-nature

♫ EDM ☪ dance ✿ love ∞ good vibes

And since many of you asked, here's the list of all of the tracks:


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Another epic mix.... You are the queen of 8tracks, Brings me back to that night when everything all made sense. Thank you, i needed to remember that....


Hell yeah! That's the effect that I was hoping this mix would have :)

I've been listening to this mix on and off for the last year and it's just soo good. My go-to mix when I need to crunch work on something. Can't thank you enough.


Ahhh that makes me so happy! I'm glad you like it :))