A mix with 50+ songs to help ease those vicious thoughts, mend the broken heart, and help those tired eyes finally shut. Enjoy...

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Child of the Stars

Thank you! :D


Awesome mix ... play it while working ... the best!

Child of the Stars

I did not know work could be done with this music ahah! But thank you (:


It is right on the mark ... I seek mixes like this and they play all day. Just wonderful. I don't get stressed. :)


This is truly an amazing mix. Couldnt have done it better if I tried!

Child of the Stars

Dawh thank you! :D


We are happy we found this other mix from you, but are like two drug addicts missing their Saturday fix. What happened to your "Warm blanket warm tea and a cold heart that needs warming"? We would go into a trance like state every Saturday morning with it ;-) Any chance it will reappear?

Child of the Stars

Oh wow, thank you so much! And yes it will reappear, I am just making additions to it and to get the songs I want its taking a bit of time. Give it a couple of days, it'll be back up soon (:

Child of the Stars

It's been re-published. There will be a part two soon to match the summer months and current times.


lovely mix...thank you so much :)


This is absolutely beautiful ;)

Child of the Stars

Oh, well thank you! I try (:


this mix is great, good work

Child of the Stars

Thank you, I tried (: