A combination of Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, and others to bring you back to the good 'ol days, all the way back to the present. If you have any suggestions, let me know

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4 comments on Songs To Dance Around Your House Naked To

I was house sitting this weekend for a family friend with a speaker system all through their house. Turned this on and danced around naked. Truly the best mix for it.


Stacy's mom is by Fountains of Wayne. Not Bowling For Soup lol (:

Chris DeFichy

Thanks for catching that, hope you enjoyed the mix


awesome mix dude


So good! Thanks for putting together some of the all-time best songs to jam to! This mix pretty much epitomizes everyday for me.

Chris DeFichy

Thanks a lot, check back time to time, I constantly try to find songs that you can just let it all hang loose and dance to.