short and sweet play list of modern love tracks

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right in the feels man! thanks for this ü


Really diggin the Studio C tracks, CO represent!

Jessi_sierra crisanto

Right off the bat I'm reminded of the girl I'll always love, even though she's not entirely in my life as of now. 'Like A Star' was her song. It's okay though because I know that our lives have to go different paths. A small part of my heart will always be for her if this universe every allows us to cross paths again. She's the reason I am the person I have become and for that I will always be grateful.
I love her. I will always love her. At 4:40 am this is exactly what I needed to sleep soundly. One song.


I hope you find that feeling again.


i know she still loves me too, that's the hardest part. this is beautiful, thank you


Ever since listening to this mix, I got every single track onto my iPod...true beauty, in lyrical form.


I'm very glad to hear that


i can listen to this mix over and over again and it never ever gets old <3


It must be love <3


Its hard to hear this with my beloved so far far away... Miss you so much ♥