Fourty amazing 80's songs.
You'll be going "OH YEAH!" and "OH MY GOD IT'S THIS SONG" all throughout the mix. You oughta watch the videos to these. Take On Me = best video of all time. Oh, by the way- you're welcome. c:

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Oh my gosh, it was '95. D: How depressing. Oh well, at least it was only one mistake. I think it's associated with the 80's, anyways.

hey, nice set of songs, I like the mix of slower jams and faster dance stuff - but "breakfast at tiffany's" was the early 90s, not the 80s ;)

I'd just like to take a moment of silence to recognize the death of 101.5 the point, my nearest 80's radio station. 101.5, you will be missed. Also, sergey, I can relate. And you're welcome to the others.:)

Awsome!!! dang, i was born in '95. I would give ANYTHING to have grown up in the 80's. Can u feel nostalgia for a time period that you haven't been in? cuz thats how i feel. lol