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Your Daily Dose of Dank

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thanks tons for the compliment. by best mix you mean my best mix or best you've heard on all 8tracks. just curious. haha. i'm glad you liked it. i thought these were some pretty dope tracks!

It's the best mix in the sense that it has a little bit of something for everyone, lasts for a good while, the songs are absolutely awesome, and can easily expand someones library of music. There's songs in here that I wasn't aware of that I'm glad I now heard. Awesome job man =)

Dude, that is exactly what i was going for! Thanks a lot! Sharing music is pretty much my favorite thing to do. Love it! Your comment has inspired me to make a volume two... Check it out here... Peace man!

Haha no problem man, and yeah i saw you made volume 2 when i was browsing the other day, almost flipped out! lol haven't finished it yet but im loving it so far. Peace =)