Some music by Iron And Wine, Damien Rice, Nico Stai and MANY MANY OTHERS!.
So...i was on a "Damien Rice mood",and i had to make this here it is.

I should've kissed you
When we were alone
What am I darlin'?
A whisper in your ear?
A piece of your cake?
What am I,darlin?
The boy you can fear?
Or your biggest mistake?


So...i had to change the name of some tracks because of the new shitty 8tracks...Check the description for the real name!

Is this playlist safe for work?
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Lovely playlist.
This playlist definitely made my day!
Thank you so much :)


The song list posted below, killed all the suspence. xD

Beautiful playlist though!


you had me at susie suh. one of my favourite song :) great mix.


this is perfect.


Is there a link that would allow me to download this mix onto my ipod? Seriously, it's great!


ahh they definitely need that! i actually think ive listened to this mix 100 times


Perhaps this might help?

1. Rootless tree – Damian Rice (Live)
2. Seasons Change – Susie Suh
3. The brooklyn Theatre fire (live-in-studio) - Wakey Wakey!
4. Trouble’s what you’re in – Fink
5. Flume – Bon Iver
6. Glass – Ingrid Michaelson
7. Black Tables – Other lives
8. Your birthday song – go radio
9. Baby Blue – Dave Matthews Band
10. VCR – The XX
11. Cold Water – Damien Rice
12. Slow Dancing in a burning room – John Mayer
13. Air - Picture Atlantic
14. Don’t want to fall –The Narrative
15. The chain - Ingrid Michaelson
16. The rock and the tide – Joshua Radin
17. I woke up near the sea – Lydia
18. Never say never – The fray
19. Volcano – Damien Rice
20. The song of shine and shame – Nico Stai
21. Creep – Radiohead
22. Love and some verses – Iron and wine
23. Inscape - Stateless
24. The darkest day – Ramona falls
25. Side by side – Sleeping at last
26. Come back to me – Picture Atlantic
27. Forever my father – Go radio
28. E minor – Other lives
29. Last flowers – Radiohead
30. A girl a boy and a graveyard – Jeremy Messersmith
31. If only – Fink
32. Like alcohol (a hole the size part 2) – Nico Stai
33. Bloodstream – Stateless
34. Ungodly Hour – The fray
35. Naked as we come – Iron and Wine
36. Sundrenched world – Joshua Radin
37. Cannonball – Damien Rice
38. Nude – Radiohead
39. Heart Skipped a beat – The XX
40. Stay Awake – Lydia
41. Cheers Darlin – Damien Rice
42. How to save a life (live) - The fray
43. Steady as we come – Dave Matthews band
44. Wolves (act I and II) – Bon iver
45. Porcelain – Sleeping at last
46. Incredible Love – Ingrid Michaelson
47. Now the one you once loved is leaving – Lydia
48. The blower’s daughter – Damien Rice
49. Karma Police – Radiohead
50. It was the night – Other Lives
51. Wolves in the garden – The Deadly Syndrome
52. One October song – Nico Stai
53. To be alone with you – Sufjan stevens
54. Sleeping – Glen Hansard and Mark’ta Irglov
55. 9 Crimes – Damien Rice

Enjoy ;)


Thanks very much! <3


This one is really awesome!