7 comments on Captain Flaccid joins forces with Plastic Guy and Batmole to defeat the man-hungry Ostriches!!

just cause you make sweet mixes, flaccid putz, doesn't mean I'll let you off easy. Yeah, I dig this dubtrip, but i'll wreak terrible.... awful...whao... the colors...I think Plastic Man's giant mushroom is starting to kick in...hey how 'bout we all get long?
--Professor NOH

10-4 Captain Flaccid! 10-4 Bat Mole. Setting up Auxillary Flux Capcitor with specially designed over-ride pedal switches to reverse the polarity in the Ostrich force field! Let's Get 'em!

Yea Fuxz take that and smoke sum crx U feeble limp Man Eating Pussy of Ostriches. U can't handle the Rath and whooping that Faccid boy, Plastix Guy & Batmole dish out like a Chinese buffet supreme on steroids. Ha Now that that is Done what is next on tour Ass kixin' agenda!!

I am here Flaccid boy. That name is pathetix and I hope it does not foretell your battle technixz. & what U sum fuxing kind of show boat upin' 10 trxz. Geeze U got sidekick syndrome or what... geez the kidz these days . Now lets Fuxin' do this Die bitches!!