4 comments on Danngo's Drunk Girls & Dirty Floors

this is what they'll play in strip clubs in the future


this is what I look for in dub. Danngo, you always have the best mixes. thank you for having high standards!


GLADKILL rox my booty into another pair of Granny panties BO Booo BIO!!


Haha a sigh for dubstep.. I gather someone else shares my view that 98% of the genre is now flooded with garbage.


The second my local radio stations caught on I knew the time had come.. oh and i like this mix


thanks! yeah im gettin kind of sick of it... well ... not really, its more of just sick of the shitty dubstep. its blown up so big now that in order for me to enjoy it, it has to be really good cause now my standards are way in the sky for dubstep. Splatinum track is probably my favorite in this mix. glad you enjoyed it!


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the Splatinum track is indeed amazing

ferrous goxide

Mmm, Splatinum -- agreed!