What is ASMR?

The term "autonomous sensory meridian response" (ASMR) is a neologism for a biological phenomenon, characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation often felt in the head, scalp or peripheral regions of the body in response to various visual, auditory, olfactory and cognitive stimuli.

This List Includes: Spa/Massage, Variance & Resonance, Sleep Induction, Empathetic Response, Whisper/Soft Spoken.

☊ Headphones Required

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Oh nevermind I just found it! Thanks though haha :)


@Triss No worries at all :) All of the tracks in my playlist are properly tagged, where the Album is listed as the Youtube address for the rest of that Artist.


Hi! I absolutely love this playlist and have been listening to it for so long now! I was wondering if you could help me-one of these tracks I absolutely fell in love with. It's a caring friend who comes over when her friend is sick and she draws a bath and has a water fountain (I think it's the one where she has a "stuffy nose") I cannot find it anywhere and your list is long. Would you mind telling me the name and artist of the video? Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks


@Triss Thank-you for the kind remarks, Triss =^-^= I'm glad my playlist has been your ASMR Go-to for so long! The track you are referring to is by an ASMRtist called WhisperCrystal. Unfortunately, she stopped doing ASMR a few years ago and hasn't been heard from since. As of this time, her Youtube channel is still up with all of the audio she has done if you would like to head over there:


I started listening to this playlist when you first posted it, and it has been my go too asmr source when I don't feel like looking through YouTube. Thank you for the playlist!!!


@destinyboswell You are very welcome! I'm glad you enjoy this playlist so much =^-^= The intention was exactly what you use it for.

Just a curated audio playlist of my favorite ASMRtists with links to their channels if people are interested in more from them. I keep these (and many more) ASMR tracks on my portable player & laptop to listen to when I need to relax. These are just some of my favorite tracks from the group, though I will admit it is predominantly biased in favor of massage, whispering, etc.

Thank-you for your kind words, and again for being a long time supporter of this playlist :)


Aww yeah!

Feelin the ♥ thanks to all you wonderful listeners! As of this post, the mix finally went ~PLATINUM~ not unlike a blonde at Daytona Beach. Keep on tingling, relaxing and chillaxin' while the playlist evolves.

If you have the time, please check out the artists that are featured on this list via their youtube channels (listed as their album on the tracks). With 1000 ♥ the list has gone platinum... now just a matter of waiting for 8tracks to update the certification.

Once again, thanks for all the love =^-^= Muffins for Everyone!


June 24th 2014


*ASMRSquared - Real Hair Scalp Massage
*Heiunkyul - Korean ASMR - Neck & Scalp Massage

Thanks for all the Love, Listeners! We're well on our way to 1,000 hearts! I hope this playlist helps with insomnia, anxiety, or just to relax and get your tingle on :)


this is heaven woah


Such wonderful ASMRtists and an amazing way to relax and ~tingle~ | Glad you enjoyed it!


Love it! Help calm my nerves and actually get some work done.


I'm glad it helped you out :) Thanks for listening!


February 3, 2014

Added: Christen Noel - ASMR Scalp Massage and Ear to Ear Whispering