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its a surprise to see such songs being complied and liked by someone who is not an indian......although m nt a big fan of bappi lahiri's 80's disco music, it felt good to come across it so randomly, good mix :)


sweeet! needed a bhangra fix. good job.


Bhangra ftw.
Also, at first glance I thought that was a picture of Kim Jong il and I was horribly, horribly confused. Glad it's not, though. :)


We've got a local turkish/indian restaurant bar club here in Atlanta that plays these songs. Good to have names to go with the music!


makes me wanna hit the nearest kbabi n dance some MC Hammer shit right on the counter.

true enough boys noize can do no wrong in my eyes hes a fukin genius will b seein him 2 more times in october I love techno and dublin....booyeah!!! Hes amazin live

Good mix too tho