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I enjoyed this very much, it's beautiful! Thanks!


Glad you enjoyed them. The themes of these songs are mainly secular, but I suppose the sound can remind one of orthodox spiritual chants (although I think it owes more to Italian serenade.) :)


Randomly found this one and I love it. I am normally not into this type of thing at all but this music is gorgeous. Spiritual even. Thank you.


Ovo ću svima da pimpujem!


I find a name world here


Thanks so much for your comment! So glad you enjoyed my mix. I browse 8tracks for the same reason as you. :)


Hi, several people I follow seem to be following you, so here I am :)

I love this mix, listening to it for the second time now. This is the kind of stuff I signed up on 8tracks for, these really specific mixes of folk-ish music that are normally hard to find especially when I'm not even sure what I should be looking for! So thanks a lot and I'll be listening to your other mixes too :)


Awesome, I'm so glad to be spreading the love. :D