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Red Velvet Lines The Black Box

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A nice mixture of some new discoveries (had never heard the Thomas Dolby track before), and some old favourites (makes me wonder I left my copy of Nekromatik's Fairy Catcher...). Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it, so many of these songs remind me very fondly of Slimelight, Gossips and Whitby adventures when I lived in the UK! I loved Nekromantik and got to see them live a few times too!

Ah! I figured, if you knew bands such as Nekromatik, and had bands such as Soft Cell, Skinny Puppy and The Virgin Prunes on there, you would have been a fellow ex-Slimelighter. Small world! :)

Yes, I still have my membership card, from back in the day when you had to get two members to co-sign and take a written test! Makes me London homesick for sure. Small Goth world indeed! Nice to meet you!

I loved this-- the first song I was listened to, I didn't watch closely enough to get the name! It started out with chanting/talking and it almost sounded like Arabic to me, and the lyrics mentioned God quite a few times, the almost chanting came up... do you know which track that is? I'd love to purchase it!