Hello Friends!
I bring you fourty-four tracks including music by the artists I'm most looking forward to at EDC. As you sink your teeth into this delicious concoction you'll notice that I tossed in some dubstep with a hint of drumstep. The main ingredients are comprised of fresh electrohouse & progressive house tracks. More vocals than usual. There's a lot of love and a little turmoil included, garnished with some feelings of goodliness and let's party. Best served warm with ice cream. +_-

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1,150    35min (8 tracks)
2 comments on E.clectic D.ance C.ommunity - I made this pie for you

Yeah your music festival playlist was one of the first I liked on here, I'll have to check the other one out as well


ahaha whatttt, no way? you digged my list and i randomly listen to yours... fucking awesome


check out my playlist, you'll dig the songs also.. im digging this mix.. soo ill be first to comment. good job