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memories of running barefoot, catching frogs and driving around in my moms funky convertible that backfired when we went up hills..thanks


That Climax Blues Band song got me hook, line and sinker. Love it.


reminiscing ... if that isn't mackin music what is?


Indeed it was. Sometimes wish I could time-travel back for a month : )


great stress relief here brother...sounds of a simpler time


OMG...how i love this mix...


You're welcome! That track does in particular bring back memories of long, long ago (perhaps since the title is about just that). At least for me, more innocent and carefree times.


On hearing the first few chords of the LRB, I realized that I was being sucked back into the time machine; so I had to hit the pause button before it was too late. I will wait 'til I'm at home and the wife and kids are asleep, then I'll slip on my headphones and fall through to memory lane, hoping to relive some of the feelings and memories and to come back to my current reality when I wake in the morning. Thanks in advance.