7 comments on Romantic German Highways

trying to find out what could be romantic on THOSE highways, really hard to imagine... fahren fahren fahren auf der autobahn... *pressingplay*

haha at least someone now tried to challenge the authority of this title :) Thanks for the listen! Anyway I guess the Autobahn is less romantic if you're driving it at 5:30 on your way to work that if you know your driving into vacation, hehehe.

Now you're makin' me laugh B :) Sorry, to have fooled you all these months, that was def not on purpose. Anyway the amount of people that identify me as female from my profile picture is very limited. It is outdated now tho, since I'm short-haired now, so will, post a new one soon, i guess. Last but not least, i'm not a tranny, but exhibiting ones gender on the internet / 8trx is totally overrated!

I still think your way Cool but not as cool when U where a chick cause you would have been more anomaly but now your just a wicked cool guy!!!