Fifty-one tracks including music by... well where do i even begin?

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6,214    2hr 7min (52 tracks)
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Gorrilaz! such a nice surprise :)


Loving this mix, Mumford and sons seemed a bit out of place but the rest <3


Although this does really help me study- at the same time, all I want to do now is be on the road not sitting at my desk! Great Playlist :D


love it


This mix relaxes me and yet makes me concentrate at the same time. I always listen to it when I have to write a paper or get creative. My grades have never been better.


thank you so much for the positive feedback! im glad this compilation of music contributed to your higher grades!


update: So i have listened to this playlist through to just about the end, and i feel compelled to write a second comment to let you know that this is by far the greatest mix i have ever heard hands down! If I ever take that road trip i have always told my self i would take, this is exactly what would be on my road trip playlist! Anyway, I LOVE this mix, which makes me love you for making it and I think you might just be my musical soulmate....just sayin


haha thank you veryyyy much! it really means a lot that you felt like you needed to leave a second comment!


one song in and sounds like i'm in it for the long run! Excellent starting song! . . . by the way, t.v. show?