You know those songs that make you feel cool just by listening to them? If you're anything like me, you'll put on jams like this while dancing around your room in the morning or driving by yourself. Kickstart your awesome with fifteen upbeat tracks with electric or vintage vibes by artists like MGMT, The Black Keys, and Phoenix.

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Finally someone awsome from PROVO!lol


I'm actually from Michigan, but I've been living in Provo for the past few years and I've loved it! I noticed from your other comment that you just moved here from New York. I hope Utah is treating you well; things will start picking up around here with school starting. Thanks for the sweet comment :)

Out of Season

Great! Cheers!


Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)


Listening to it again...if I ever feel better :)


if youre looking for some other good summer musics you need songs for summer!