8 comments on The Smallest Hours

amazeing! i just want to listen to it over ad over again! its totally chilling me out and makeing me actually want to sleep...wich is good!

Abizzle and Dlizzle, if i didn't know you in real life you'd just be weird. Actually no i take that back - you are both the weirdest people I know.

Aquenieyola thanks ;)

When listening to this mix, I feel like the protagonist in Free Willy. Specifically, the scene in which Willy jumps over him and, as evidenced by the protagonist's body language, he is as happy as can be. Kudos, Emperor.

this mix is absolutely beautiful. i went to bed at about 4:15am last night and it looks like it's gonna be and even later bedtime tonight, and i have every intention of letting this lull me to sleep. thank you very much for putting this together :].