200+ Tracks. If you don't like this mix, you don't like music. Period. It's time you heard your new (and old) favorite songs and diversified the soundtrack to your life.

Whether it be: Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical, R&B, Punk, Electronic, Pop, Alternative, Indie, Rap, Jazz, Metal, Acoustic, Reggae, or Country...Music is Amazing. Old and New. Beatles, Cudi, Eminem, Blink-182, Jay-Z, AC/DC, and the Best of the Rest.

I will keep updating this!

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84,440    9hr 48min (158 tracks)
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Thanks for sharing this mix is awesome...


I've been coming back to this playlist for the last year. You certainly didn't lie when you said it's the greatest playlist. Sure there's some songs I dislike, but that's gonna happen on every mix. Discovered a lot of new music on here!


Loving it, some songs not so much but its awesome for background while doing something else.


Definitely eclectic. While I may not like all of them, its full of slippery goodies.


You made my shitty day of work so much better


You made my week with this playlist.


awesome playlist!