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elizaamber elizaamber
292   30min (14 tracks)
love songs from the past (and some that sound like they were made back then) quotation on the cover is from 'it's a wonderful life'.
April 06, 2015 these foolish things
victoires victoires
125   12min (12 tracks)
serenade me.
April 05, 2015 of moonlight
nohetero nohetero
579   40min (11 tracks)
a playlist full of old 1940's and 50's love songs.
March 25, 2015 you give me fever
mermaidminnies mermaidminnies
1,018   40min (20 tracks)
lovely 40s serenades ☆.
February 11, 2015 wishing
vivscorpio vivscorpio
3,423   24min (8 tracks)
A beautiful set of 40s love songs inspired by The Notebook Enjoy:).
November 03, 2013 I'll Be Seeing You
stxrstruck stxrstruck
278   56min (15 tracks)
a playlist of songs inspired by two very close friends of mine.
March 08, 2015 the very thought of you.
ShelteredBeats ShelteredBeats
4,539   23min (8 tracks)
For the kind of feeling that simply can't find expression in the radio today.
February 19, 2012 Darling, I have only one desire.
vironsusi vironsusi
43,313   13min (12 tracks)
I feel like I was born in the wrong time period, but I'm glad I was born in this one with you.
January 20, 2012 Love You Like an Old Record
macyydawn macyydawn
1,311   1hr 9min (23 tracks)
Songs from the WWII era, dedicated to all the lovely couples who made love seem real and extraordinary ♥.
March 10, 2014 I'll never smile again, until I smile at you.
clairebear98 clairebear98
2,153   1hr 47min (44 tracks)
Oldies ranging between the 20s and the 60s about love .
December 15, 2014 Your Grandparents' Guide To Love
primadonnamomma primadonnamomma
769   42min (14 tracks)
January 10, 2015 The Last Dance
rebeccaofsbfarm rebeccaofsbfarm
763   1hr 6min (20 tracks)
love songs to bridge the atlantic ocean and the trials of war.
March 09, 2014 i'll be seeing you;