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gibbins gibbins
2,047   40min (14 tracks)
Originally created by Agent Carter to get ready for combat (missions, paperwork, sexism), this playlist has been passed on to female newbies in SHIELD ...
June 19, 2014 Compulsory Playlist for Female Agents
whydaisy whydaisy
1,560   1hr 15min (23 tracks)
i made a mix for danisnotonfire aka that british kid who's a cult leader or something idk man something about internet homo there's loads of different...
July 04, 2013 dan howell?????
kowarubunga kowarubunga
476   41min (15 tracks)
and on the third day, Tabris said, "surf's up, shinji-kun.
July 27, 2014 『kaworubunga』
alex.ledum alex.ledum
83   (19 tracks)
From the first issue of Lumberjanes! Let's go beat-up some creepy three-eyed foxes! Friendship to the max!.
April 11, 2014 Fox Fight Jams!
zed'sdead zed'sdead
237   1hr 4min (19 tracks)
With the Stooges, Operation Ivy, and the Dead Kennedys.
October 28, 2014 i got a right
unclaimedbaggagemusic unclaimedbaggagemusic
104   56min (21 tracks)
Bringing girls to the front for this themed mix: Featuring girl-fronted bands and female vocals from bad-ass broads across the musical spectrum includ...
March 29, 2014 HERSTORY Mix: VOL#1
PrincessProuvaire PrincessProuvaire
601   52min (21 tracks)
A mix of indie singalongs, older classics, and unapologetic pop trash to scream along to (and yes, the title is a misheard Fall Out Boy lyric) trackl...
November 26, 2013 sing until your lungs skidaddle
wildlifeandwings wildlifeandwings
29   1hr 13min (22 tracks)
Just have fun .
March 09, 2013 Keep screaming and carry on
Omega_Therion Omega_Therion
17   9hr 8min (138 tracks)
Music to inspire a whole series of novels: the adventures of Matthew Maws, a member of an elite crime fighting unit with the mission to stop a crimina...
November 21, 2014 Rock/Metal for the American Action Hero
rstamford1 rstamford1
4   1hr 32min (26 tracks)
because i care each song from the swiggidy swooty playlist + a note of why it was added.
November 14, 2014 Swiggidy Swooty Coming for those Songs by Mitch
echolittle echolittle
99   1hr 54min (47 tracks)
For the Spring into Summer.
March 23, 2013 nuage de printemps
JCFantasy23 JCFantasy23
19   26min (8 tracks)
Witchy, Halloween tunes.
October 05, 2014 Spooky Halloween