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Prayer to the Sun
dankrsta dankrsta
21   2hr 50min (35 tracks)
There is somewhere a theme in this collection from the psychedelic 60s, like a worship; lots of "odes" to sky, clouds, air, dawn, earth, mountain, lace...
March 24, 2015 Prayer to the Sun
"Turn on, Tune in, and Drop out."
safety_monkey safety_monkey
4   1hr 8min (20 tracks)
- Timothy Leary (The Politics of Ecstasy) The Sixties.
March 31, 2015 "Turn on, Tune in, and Drop out."
surrender to the void
brnafp brnafp
2   1hr 27min (30 tracks)
"Turn off you mind, relax and float down stream.
March 31, 2015 surrender to the void
yurimathias yurimathias
16   21min (16 tracks)
March 25, 2015 Relics
people are strange
breetty breetty
4,344   40min (14 tracks)
don't look now but the walls are melting.
March 24, 2014 people are strange
djquigs26 djquigs26
1,090   5min (10 tracks)
Grab a seat, take a hit, and just chill.
April 20, 2012 420
Drop Acid and Listen to These Tunes
plantlife plantlife
1,627   19min (17 tracks)
I say these are essential for anyone to have in their music library Music by Neil Young, Richie Havens,and The Doors.
November 29, 2011 Drop Acid and Listen to These Tunes
summer of love 67' ❀
lunanox lunanox
808   19min (9 tracks)
this is what music is and what it should sound like.
November 16, 2013 summer of love 67' ❀
Rock History: 1966
Valdemar_KZN Valdemar_KZN
692   49min (20 tracks)
1966 - revolutionary year in rock music, the year in which the rock was the "great art" and captured the minds of youth.
January 11, 2015 Rock History: 1966
Too much acid.
TigerMax TigerMax
989   34min (23 tracks)
A mix for those of you whose brains are spiralling in on themselves as the room fizzles and sparks around you.
May 14, 2012 Too much acid.
Classic Rock Crash Course
nupkn nupkn
1,898   (31 tracks)
31 tracks featuring the bands that defined the '60s and '70s.
April 24, 2013 Classic Rock Crash Course